If you’re planning to show your guests or buyers your home, it is important to have a room that wows them. Having a WOW room is about showing off, not overdoing it. These rooms will be the highlight of your beautiful home. The bedroom can be the best WOW room in your home. It will emit a relaxing and healthy atmosphere that will catch your guests’ attention. Having a WOW bedroom will certainly increase the value of your home. Here are 10 tips for a WOW bedroom:

1. Luxurious and Subtle

Highlight your home with luxurious and subtle bedroom. Keep in mind that your buyers are usually aspiring to move into your home. Having a beautiful master bedroom will give an emotional connection and let them imagine themselves relaxing in the room.

2.Balance the Layout

Try to keep the bed in the middle. Don’t shove your bed into a corner. It will make your room feel smaller. Create a symmetry on your bedroom by having, if possible, two bedside tables, bedside lamps and etc. Where possible, place an artwork or two, or a mirror evenly above the headboard.

3. Bed heads and Windows

As much as possible, don’t put your bed under a window- sometimes too much light will ruin your rest. Elevate your bedroom into greater heights of fashion with a vibrant and eye-catching headboard. Pile on the pillows, and be creative and playful in mixing patterns.

4. Flow of space

Arrange your furniture to allow a breeze of fresh air to enter the room freely. Make sure you have enough space to go around the bed. Use furniture that maximise the wall space of your room. This will make your room feel big and spacious.

5. Talking to the Buyers

It is important to show the guests how cosy your bedroom is. Make them feel how relaxed they can be when resting in your bedroom. Also, get some guests feedback!

6. Decluttering is King

Put all your unnecessary stuff in a box. The more items you have in the room, the more cramped and untidy it feels.

Remove your unused personal belongings from dressers and tables. When your room has no extra (and unnecessary) baggage, it will instantly create an illusion of space.

7. The Drawers or not the Drawers

If you have already a walk-in closet or an ordinary closet, you might want to get rid of your drawers. If you have enough space in your closet, the drawers are certainly unnecessary. It gives the impression that there isn’t enough storage and they might be inconvenient to walk around when lots of potential buyers might be viewing your property! Rearrange your closet and use organisers to create more space in your closet.

 8. Scale and Size

Look around your bedroom and consider the size of its floor area. Use furniture and accessories that is proportional to the space. If you have a huge bedroom, place a king-size bed and if you have a smaller bedroom, try and stick to double. Gauge the size of your bedside table and lamps and other objects by the scale of your bed.

9. Don’t Skimp on Linen and Accessories

Don’t be afraid to spend money on linen and other accessories. You will surely get what you pay for. Find  sheets that are durable and luxuriously soft.  Your best-quality sheets will catch the eye of your guests and will maximise luxury and comfort. 

10. Pick Your Master Well

Your master bedroom now might not be the best bedroom on your home. You may have to rethink your bedrooms. Pick the bedroom that is convenient to occupants. A room on the far end of the hallway might not be the best for older occupants. Make sure that the room has enough light during day and proper ventilation to let fresh air circulate inside the room. Remember the master should be located where your target market wants it!