In just a couple of weeks, we’ll officially approach winter, where most people believe is an inappropriate time to be selling a property. But before you go on about the reasons why you can’t sell this time of the year, take some time to read this short post about what you can do to make the most of the season.

Price it Right

The number of prospective sellers significantly decreases in winter, which means you may well be HOT property!. This means that you follow the traditional approach when it comes to selling your home. Start by reviewing research and history with your agent. It always makes sense to do this because of the characteristics of your potential buyers (they have lesser choice of homes on the market so they can be more determined to find their next home).

Present well of course

This is the perfect time to call for a Property Makeover Specialist. Take note that the approach to selling in winter is a lot different than in spring. Potential buyers are more likely to tune in to things like heating, maintenance, and aspect. A Property Makeover Specialist can guide you when it comes to action items that come along with these.

In addition, the Property Makeover Specialist may also help you introduce colours and space review, inside and outside, to not only address, but enhance. Again, it’s all about making sure that your property is winter-proof and appealing at the same time!

Brighten Your Property

It may not look all that gloomy in NSW during winter but the cool temperature has a significant effect on creating first impressions. Start working on your property’s street appeal. It pays to invest in landscaping and winter plants to reinvigorate your property’s exterior. Repainting the outside with neutral, contemporary, and inviting colours also helps boost its drive by appeal. Do not forget to install lighting fixtures to maintain your home’s striking presence at all hours for the drive-by.

Inside, create an environment of warmth. Focus on the kitchen and the living room as these are where people mostly congregate. Of course, don’t forget to create the appealing entryway clear of winter warmer clutter and to declutter to depersonalise.

The warmth in your home can drives people to linger. Always keep in mind that when it’s winter, the last thing you want to happen is to drive people away because of the cool atmosphere in your home. As always, when you’re not sure, go ahead and seek out the help of a Property Makeover Specialist.