Will I Make Money By Investing In My Kitchen?

Will I Make Money By Investing In My Kitchen?


Why focus on your Kitchen?  Kitchens are described as the ‘hub of the home’.  A great kitchen is also an extremely desirable ‘nice to have’.  You can spend absolutely anything on a kitchen believe me!  However, kitchens don’t have to be expensive and they can be critical to the results of a pre-sale or conservative renovation project.  In my years in the Property Makeover business, I’ve seen hundreds of houses that needed kitchen TLC to bring them back to life and make the home more desirable.  Feedback from our agents and potential purchasers have been that the look of the kitchen was a key purchasing factor.  In my view, in our pre-sale renovations as well as  ‘renovations to stay’, putting money into your kitchen is as good as, or better than putting money in the bank, plus YOU get the enjoyment of using it.  (You never know, you might start loving cooking more than you do already!)  Where the budget can allow it, I put changes to a kitchen (depending on circumstances of course) usually always ahead of a bathroom for example if there is a requirement to choose.  You will see some of our makeovers here including a live one!  Yes, it’s worth it! What a difference!

First Example:

The first time I saw this area, I already knew it has a lot of potential of becoming a WOW room. The kitchen is nearly borderline of a ‘makeover’ or full replacement. I suggested a makeover as well as considering including the laundry now ‘butlers pantry/ laundry’ within the kitchen area to make it feel a LOT bigger, moving the breakfast bar to the other side of the laundry.  I believe the current kitchen entry ‘pinch point’ will then be non-existent and the size of the kitchen will not then be a perceived issue for this large house.

Watch the transformation …

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With some extensive planning and designing with our trusted suppliers, the kitchen is slowly transforming into a wonderful area for any family to enjoy. When the house renovation is finished, we’ll show you the complete transformation so watch out for this 🙂

Other Examples:

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