It’s a common misnomer: selling in winter is no good. But there are times when the general public’s perception actually has unique merits that directly contradict what they believe. In real estate, unique benefits mean epic consequences. For this month, we’re spelling out the myths related to selling in winter and we’re busting them with what’s reality.

Myth 1: The season itself is a barrier to property selling

Winners have a common trait: where others see misfortune, they see opportunity. Winter will only be a barrier to selling as you allow it to be. Real Estate Agents see this season as an opportunity to bring out the best in a property. If your property looks good this winter, how much more with a Property Makeover Specialist? So guess what they do: they work with a Property Makeover Specialist.

Myth 2: There don’t seem to be a lot of people out there

The quest to find the perfect home is alive all year. It only looks like no one’s looking for a home out there because there are few of them. But few as they are, their chance of becoming buyers is high. That’s what we call the principle of scarcity vs. homogeneity: supply is scarce so the demand is high amongst those intent to find their next home.

Myth 3: Sellers think that they won’t achieve a great price

You will never know unless you try. There are properties getting sold at street record even in winter. And if price is a problem, then our job is already cut out for you. Property presentation in winter is unique on its own because value-add transformation involves showcasing the property at its best in any season. The power of property presentation is real.

Myth 4: Sellers believe that their property doesn’t look as good

Winters vary in temperature from year to year, so the principle being supported by property makeover is still the same: it’s value-add transformation that holds the key towards impactful property presentation. So we’ll say it again: if your property can look this good in winter, it can look good in any season. And if your property is well-presented, isn’t that a signal for appeal and for value?

Myth 5: People think that it’s too risky so they wait to sell in spring

If your belief about selling in winter is unshakeable, then we understand if you’ll wait it out until spring. But some people are wise: they get to work at sprucing up their property and then come out with bang in spring. As long as you have the combination of the Right Agent, the Right Price, and the Right Presentation, you’re in good hands.