Your franchise opportunity might just be in your own backyard.

Picture this: there are two recurring ‘secrets’ to real estate success. One is listening to your clients. Two is mastering your patch. In reality, you can have both and poise yourself for potential success. Such is offered by the Papillon Property Makeover Franchise.

That and more.


Papillon Styling & Renovations is a residential property makeover company founded by Belinda Woolrych, Property Makeover Specialist, expert speaker and author of Rightsize your Home – the Empty Nester’s Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize.

Belinda has had 10 years of experience and is dedicating the next 10 years to helping others in Papillon in as many locations as possible to help people add value to their home.

If you choose to leverage the brand and run your own business, you will be aiming to increase the value of your client’s home for them to enjoy now, or when they are ready to go on the market.


You won’t exactly ‘work’ when you become a Papillon franchisee. What you’ll do is to apply the knowledge brought with your life experiences and in addition transferred to you by Belinda. With over a decade of mastering the art and science of property makeovers, you have the assurance that every project is an opportunity to learn while having fun.


You’re not alone. Apart from Belinda, we’re building a community of Papillon franchisees willing to help you out when the going gets tough for you. We believe in the spirit of camaraderie and achieving goals as a team. The creation of an exclusive inner-circle and community of Papillon franchisees allow every member to make a positive group contribution, thereby sustaining the progressive momentum that caused the franchise opportunity to take shape.

Our like-minded franchisees must foster the culture of: 

  • Collaboration
  • Inspire each other
  • Support for growth



This is the moment when you can finally say goodbye to your 9-5 stresses. Traffic jams, missing important family occasions, chronic experience of stress, an overwhelming desire to go on a holiday, and other workplace troubles can finally be put to rest. When you become a Papillon franchisee, you can actually create your own diary and run your day.


The freedom that comes with running your own business brings yet another benefit: you can control your future. In a business sense, your potential to grow as a franchisee is unlimited. On a personal sense, you get more chances to pursue your passions. That’s because you have one critical success element working for you: your well-being and your time.

Still, you can build your own business, right?

That’s right.

But just like Belinda’s experiences, there were hassles she had to deal with. There were challenges she had to put up with. There were scenarios that she had to survive. All of these are effectively eliminated because you’re already learning from someone who’s been there and who’s done that.  10 years of experience will be packaged and waiting for you.

Learn more about how we can help you. Download the Papillon Franchise Brochure.