Properties that are just listed on the market tend to get the most traffic. Why is this? Some say it is because the thought of a property just being listed makes people excited that they may be the first to grab a bargain or get their dream home before anyone sees it. After a property sits on the market for sometime, the feeling of overwhelm starts to sink in. The vendor begins to think to themselves, what am I going to do? So our thought is be proactive and stage BEFORE going to market. If you’ve already moved on to a new home, leaving a property empty is one of the worst mistakes you can make! How can a potential buyer actually see themselves and their family living in the space if it’s empty! They need props and visuals to show them them how they can use the space.

Staging also helps mask areas of the property that may not be ideal. A tiny room could be setup as a nursery if your target market is young families or a very large open floor plan could be staged to section off a few areas and make it cosy. Do you have a bathroom that is tiny? Stage the room closest to it as a guestroom and make that your guest bath.

Property staging is about being creative and playing up the sweet spots of your property. It is also about being clever and neutral so you can try to attract a high quality prospective buyer.