Why Homeowners Should Present Well for Market

Why Homeowners Should Present Well for Market


Property Makeover 101 for All Homeowners and Investors

As a homeowner, with every property you may sell, you will deploy all the usual traditional and digital marketing strategies to get the property seen by every potential buyer possible. A property makeover can mean a more profitable and efficient sale, increased purchaser competition and a shorter time on the market. We all know how much easier it can be to sell a beautifully presented property.

Here are some of the questions and answers that homeowners and vendors may have about property makeover and ways to help understand the idea of some professional makeover services.

What exactly is a pre-sale property makeover?

A pre-sale property makeover is the carefully developed strategy and then the practical implementation of the steps required to transform a property into its best light. It is designed to uncover the hidden gems of an individual property, and to create buyer appeal to the right market along with the careful consultation of a real estate agent.  These value-add strategies are accomplished through coordinated appraisal, planning, and implementation with the help of a property makeover specialist and can make tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars difference to the sale price.

Why is it important to prepare a home for sale?

A property should never go stale by sitting on the market for too long. When a property is first listed, if marketed properly, presented well and of course if vendor expectations are realistic and within current market conditions, it should generate enough interest to sell within a fairly short period of time. Timing is a crucial factor, market sentiment is a great influencer, and profit maximisation depends on the property’s appeal and value to the prospective buyer at the best time to sell – when it first goes on the market.

As a real estate agent it can be quite a battle to promote the value of a property makeover to your vendors and yet it’s a tool that will lift a property above its competition and into market consciousness. 

How is renovating for sale different from renovating a forever home?

Renovating for sale involves the implementation of cosmetic and value-add work. The result is a transformation that is appealing to a broader market. This is an entirely different approach and it doesn’t matter what you like or what may or may not be to your taste! If presented in this context, then the property should be of interest to a wide range of buyers. Residential renovation of a home to stay living in, is far more personalised. The design and renovation work, while including cosmetic and value-add items, highly depends on the property owner’s personal taste along with their wants and needs.

How do you assess what sort of value the renovations will add?

There’s a specific process in a property makeover and a consultation phase starts the entire process. This involves an on-site appraisal of the property, and takes into consideration professional suggestions from the property makeover specialist and the real estate agent. Potential costs are lined up and the agent will then be able to offer advice regarding a realistic difference in asking price.

What is the biggest pitfall to a makeover, that every vendor and real estate agent should know?

The most important pitfall is over-capitalisation. Without professional knowledge to guide the overall budget, then a makeover project can lead to overspending and no chance of recouping costs and making more money. At times, overspending can be a result of a DIY makeover and a lack of understanding in where to add value for a property sale. This is where a property makeover specialist can add real value and save money.

What are the advantages, then, of working with professionals?

There’s a saying in real estate that says, ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a positive first impression.’ Working with a property makeover specialist and real estate agent ensures that the following elements are in place: knowledge and insights backed by a solid experience; access to trusted trades and services; organised and time-bound work implementation; knowledge of what the target market wants to see; and best of all, the absence of stress and time pressures associated with the makeover and the sale of the property.

Homeowners be aware that as a real estate agent, just like advertising investments for property it can be quite a battle to promote the value of a property makeover to your vendors and yet it’s a tool that will lift a property above its competition and into market consciousness. A property makeover, like getting the advertising right is a tool that every homeowner and agent  should consider integrating into their property sale strategy. Don’t get left behind, stay ahead of the competition and offer immense value and the opportunity to make a faster, more financially pleasing sale to your vendors. It’s a win win situation!

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