It seems like an odd question, but it’s interesting to learn about homeowner sentiments once in a while. And just like any other company, BG Property Styling always places a homeowner’s goals first before a makeover project commences. Here are the common reasons why homeowners decide to pursue renovation.

A Home’s Look: Precious

You’ve heard about the elements of design, concepts of design, and theories about design. Put all of these things together and you’ll come up with a single and encompassing framework in renovation: form and function. Form is everything that you see. From the colours of your home to its furniture and its overall design, form represents your home’s identity.

A Home’s Feel: Priceless

As complement to form, function is collectively about usability and utility. It’s how every part of your home serves its intended purpose. If form is what you see, function is how you feel about the home, which is interpreted differently depending on who you are. In the end, the marriage between form and function breeds comfort, and if you’re selling, it’s presentability, marketability, and value.

Functionality for BGPS is something we assess differently in every home.  This represents the difference between how a home is used and loved by an owner and how it needs to be interpreted by the target market. Our job is unique , and we blend both for you – creating maximum appeal. That is why our makeovers to stay and our makovers for sale are quite a different approach.

A Home’s Value: Incremental

Whether you’re styling to sell or you’re styling to stay, coordinating a makeover project for your home undoubtedly increases its value. Spending is actually an investment in outcome and maximising profit. A makeover is considered as value-added work.

A Life Stage: Progressive

People’s needs change as they progress through life. Initially, people seek for a more spacious home to accommodate a growing family. Later on, some of them seek for an appropriate space when they mature – something called rightsizing. Regardless of where one is in life, renovation is one of the ways that permit people to live the lifestyle that’s right for them. This is an exciting area of my business: the exploration of life’s needs and being able to facilitate the incorporation of this into peoples homes – quite a different approach to the pre-sale work.

An Inspiration: Life-changing

Photos are powerful tools for social change, and the design industry is not an exception. Countless people have been inspired by beautiful houses such that they end up pursuing something they thought was lost: their dream home. Because dreams are meant to be fulfilled, doing a property makeover is a start of something contagiously inspiring. I’m ever blessed to be able to help make this change! Exciting times!

There are truly a lot of things that property styling can provide you. On one hand, it provides value to those who intend to put their home into the market. On the other hand, it provides comfort to those who wish to stay in their property. If you intend to renovate your home but are stumped over how to do it efficiently, you can reach out to us for help.