This month we are delighted to be working with our pre-sale clients on the longer term pre-sale or as they jump in and want us to work on their new purchases.
We are currently finishing coordinating the drafting and interior supplies for a delightful downsizing couple on the coast, who has told Anna she is seriously going to miss us!
We’re also working on a beautiful renovation at Neutral Bay Wharf, updating the interiors with lighting, carpets, interior supply, painting, landscaping and some building changes – quite stunning, I’ve never seen anything like it.
This month has also seen the interiors brief and selections for a client who started with an Initial Appraisal of a concept a year ago. Their building has completed and are now after the icing of the cake – so lovely to work with you again to the finish line!
The pre-sale front kicked off with the launch of a beachside beauty at Bungan.  Such a lovely marketing campaign – this will attract the masses to this jewel on the beach.
Finally, a 1-3 year plan on the North Shore for another downsizing couple – this home is all scoped with landscape architecture and architects all measured up and ready for action!
Lot’s of excitement in November, don’t you think?  I’m expecting our next clients will be post xmas launches and renovations as we complete all their planning now.