It’s great to see some more of the sun! 🙂  Both Anna and I have squeezed in a few days off to enjoy it over the school holidays and are now back into it..

We have commenced three quite unique and exciting makeovers this month.

One being a significant update to a waterfront in Mosman taking the already exquisite property to the next level with our architectural and interior design teams.   The second property is a long term pre-sale in Riverview, blending our expertise of pre-sale and renovation ‘value add’ for this family to enjoy for the next few years, then benefiting from the upgrade a twice by enjoying the pre-sale benefit.

In these two cases we are following our blueprints of design and experienced real estate agent consultation through our unique process of careful ROI spend combined with family enjoyment.

The third being a beach front beauty, where we are polishing a diamond to reap the sparkle and reward… soon to be revealed…

Two initial appraisals over the past two weeks were pre-sale clients looking to go on the market and auction prior to Christmas. One stunning home with beautiful gardens and aspect in the Highlands and this one on the beach.

Total excitement with exceptional pre-sale results have given our team a real buzz as we continue to give our clients the extra value in their pockets!

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