July has quickly got busy for us.  After a sneak away for a few days with our children in-between multiple Initial Appraisals, the days have intensified!  This week is turning out to be so interesting and varied with a trip to the waterfront for renovation planning, a retirement village the next and then two beautiful family homes to come!

For the pre-sale projects, it’s the start of a period of planning now for homes wanting to be auctioned on the last Saturday before spring school holidays.  We’re working with our providers to make that happen.

On the renovation side, we’ve just completed an initial briefing session for our professional services and trades at an original 1970s build (exciting stuff!). On the renovation side of things, we’re about to hand over completed planning for our builders and architects to implement for two major renovations in Mosman. More exciting stuff to come in the next couple of weeks with more interesting and varied scenarios of initial appraisals booked. Keep tuning in!