Cushions may be one of the most important home accessory you can own. They are such an easy and budget-friendly way to add interest to an otherwise boring and ordinary room. Whether placed on the bed or sofa or floor, they provide pops of color, texture, warmth, and luxury when styling a room.


For this week’s Weekend Project Idea, the BG Property Styling team scoured the net for some easy DIY cushion projects.  Here are 5 of our favourite:  (Click on the photos for the step-by-step instructions.)
1.  Cushion Bands:  These certainly give plain cushions vibrant personalities.

2. Felt Flower Cushions: Here’s something simple and surprising from Purl Bee. You can make this in any colour combination you like.

3. Sweater Cushion: Finding Fabulous, through Emily from the Jones Design Company, has a tutorial on creating this cosy, classic and simple pillow using a thrift store sweater.

4. Stenciled Cushions: This is an easy project from The Homemade Home by Sania Pell.

5. Snowflake Cushions: For some Christmas-y feel, these snowflake pillows would definitely add to the ambiance in celebrating Christmas in July.

What about you? How do you use pillows to spruce up your room?