Now that winter is upon us, how do you keep your bedroom warm and cosy?

Here are some simple and practical ways to add warmth and comfort to your bedroom during the cold winter months adapted from Homelife and HouseToHome.

1.  Layer your bed with blankets and cushions.  Black, grey and charcoal work well in neutral schemes.  To know which types of bedding is best suited for you, check this article from Elle Decor.

Photo Credit: Homelife

2.  Proper lighting can also  provide your room with a warm glow.  Place a lamp on your bedside.

Photo Credit: Homelife

3.   Add wool warmers.  Tuck yourself into bed with things that keep you warm —  from bed socks and hot water bottles to blankets and throws.  [source]

Photo Credit: HousetoHome


4.  Have stack of blankets within reach just in case it gets extra cold and chilly.  Use dark colours to create sense of warmth.

5.  Update your flooring.   Carpets can add a cosy element of style in the bedroom and keep the room from feeling too stark or cold in winter.  We have shared some tips on choosing carpets here.


What about you? How do you keep your bedroom warm and cosy at this time of the year?