“How do I style my home this winter?” If you are a homeowner intending to sell your home, if you are a landlord trying to lease your property, or if you simply want to style your home this winter, you probably have the same question. When it comes to winter property styling, the key element for you to remember is to develop a warm and a cozy atmosphere within your home. How will you do that? These tips about property styling this winter will help you.

Use a contrast of colours

Colours appeal to the psyche. They help incite and sustain emotions. In winter, a stark contrast of colours is needed to balance the barren landscape outside and the warm atmosphere inside your home. How? Choose a feature and an accent colour. In winter, achromatic colours with varying tones are common. In the same vein, accent colours are set against feature colours bringing about a strong but balanced contrast of colours in a very dramatic way. It’s just like you painting a portrait: the feature colour is your canvas colour while the accent colours are those that will help you conjure the portrait.

Add a warm glow of light

The natural light of winter is dim. As a result, the dark places in your room may become darker while the usually well-lit places may dim a little. You can brighten up these areas in your home by complementing colours with a warm glow of light. A warm glow emanating from a lamp is inviting, but if you want to create a romantic ambiance, you can use scented candles instead. Just remember to not use intense light especially in areas that receive the right amount of natural light to preserve the warm atmosphere in your home.

Create a festive atmosphere

Don’t let winter stop you from styling your home especially its best features. If you have a fireplace, clean it, style it, and light it for guests to behold. Stack on wood and prepare marshmallows for melting or chocolate chips for munching. Be ready to play a soothing music in the background while you take your guests all around the house. Be warm and cheerful, and your guests will warm up to you.

Introduce warm touches

You probably have been shopping around for something to wear this season. Just like your wardrobe, styling your property this winter is also like dressing it up. Replace silk linens with something that’s warm to the touch. Cotton and wool are ideal materials. This way, your furniture will be comfortable for the guests to touch. Also consider adding a blockout warm lining behind your curtains. Dress up your bed, chairs, and tables, and do not forget to grace the floor with a thick rug or a carpet.

A welcome sign

Of course the first thing that buyers will take notice of is how your home looks like on the outside. For this reason, you should also remember the simple things you can do like keeping leaf litter at bay on your driveway and around the house. Putting a beacon light on your front steps is a warm gesture that tells your buyers, “Welcome; this way to your new home.”

Styling your property this winter will be more manageable when you rightsize to a new home. You won’t only enjoy the benefit of time when you have just the right space to style; you’ll also have the benefit of living within a home that reflects your winter ideas! To know more about the benefits of rightsizing, you can pre-order your own copy of “The Empty-Nester’s Dilemma – Time to Leave the Nest” and get access to the first chapter for free!