The heart of the home – this is how we know kitchens, and they should be! Kitchens signify abundance, health, and wealth. It’s the place where the people in the house congregate to enjoy a sumptuous meal, share stories, and rekindle family relationships. If a kitchen renovation is on your calendar this year, then you shouldn’t miss on the emerging trends that caught our attention.

Down to earth

This is not something new, but the concept of going green has been focused on a lot of corporate bigwigs. Well, the news is that it’s slowly seeping into private homes, and yours is not an exception. In particular, reclaimed and upcycled materials are gaining popularity.

To illustrate, reclaimed timber and bamboo are now being used in table countertops. What makes these table fashionable are their colour varieties. Technically, you won’t have to grace your home with shades of earth colours to be considered green. You can have a blue table and be earth-friendly, too!

Sustainable craftsmanship

To eliminate waste and to increase usability – that’s two of the aims of sustainability in design. For this reason, more and more companies are designing eco-friendly technology. This not only includes tapware but also extends to appliances.

For example, there are washing machines now whose dryers automatically adjust to the drum temperature. That translates to using only the right amount of energy to dry out clothing. On the other hand, there is motion-sensor water sprout. Nope, you can’t wash your hands without miming a wand.

High-tech spaceman-ship

No, we’re not talking about going out to space to enjoy these kinds of technology. We’re talking about wielding the powers of technology to create more space in the kitchen. What more, these technologies are also equipped with energy-saving features to stay quiet when not in use.

For example, some two-door refrigerator models now feature HD television on one door and a weather centre on the other. There are also ventilation hoods out there with a television on them. The TV feature can be used to play DVD or to listen to FM stations. That’s kitchen entertainment at its coolness.

Fresh and efficient

Your countertops may be made of green materials but your backsplash is so left behind. And did you know that backsplashes can also be transformed into creative works of art? Yes, that area behind your stove can actually become a featured wall if you get the right design!

Right now, the popularity of ready-to-hand backsplashes is growing. All you need to do is to hang it a la picture frame and voila; you have a great motif in your kitchen. That’s a perfect solution to the piggy bank challenge posed by an entire overhaul.

Clean and colourful

We can’t really overemphasise this but keeping your home clean isn’t  only beneficial for home presentation but for living a stress-free life! Invest in easy-to-clean countertops and stovetops! There are retractable stove tops out there now with retractable burners that permit easy cleaning.

Speaking of countertops, laminated surfaces have always been around but it wasn’t until recently that they’re getting that much attention. Some laminates are air quality-certified and feature water-based laminates. That’s both easier to clean and is earth-friendly.