Top 5 Stress Relievers For Moving Day

Top 5 Stress Relievers For Moving Day

In my 10+ years of doing Property Makeovers, I’ve helped many homeowners prepare their houses for sale, as well as during the crucial stage of moving. I can say moving is very stressful, however, 5 of my most important tips can sure be helpful. Moving is an enormous job that needs months of planning. At the end of this blog, you can download our Free Moving Checklist. This is a comprehensive 3-month planning checklist for before, during and after moving.  


Before you start the packing process, it’s a good idea to sort your things into ‘keep,’ ‘donate,’ and ‘throw-away’ piles. This way, you’re ensuring that you only take the things you actually need with you into your new home. Having boxes of different sizes can also come in handy, especially for porcelain and other fragile items; and colour-coding your box labels based on the different rooms in your new home will make the unpacking process easier later on.


A lot of people make the same mistake of packing everything away. Be sure to prepare an overnight kit for your first night in your new place with essentials such as toiletries, first aid kit and basic tools as you won’t have all your creature comforts on day one. Have a clear plastic envelope folder on hand for easy access to important documents and other bits and bobs like new house keys and valuable items. Also consider a prepared meal pack or snacks to help keep you going throughout the day.


Post-it note reminders can only go so far. For something as big as a move, a detailed moving checklist that covers everything from updating addresses to reconnecting electricity, internet, phone and TV services will take out unnecessary stress and help ensure you’ve got all your bases covered.


Whether that be professional movers to help you move, professional cleaners to help give your home a thorough clean after you’re all out, or professional property stylists to help maximise the selling the price of your home, calling in the professionals to take care of the hard stuff can help create a much smoother and stress-free moving process.


Reward yourself with a relaxing massage after a tiring day moving stuff to your new home. You earned it 🙂

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