Bathrooms – we just don’t get tired of looking at them. Sometimes, the visual experience is stimulating that we end up considering bathroom renovation. Well, you’re probably right, but before you embark on such project, consider our top five picks for the lovely bathroom amenities.

Nature and Nurture

A growing number of people now realise that bathrooms can become their private retreat stations. That is, once they step into it, they’ll feel a gush of serenity inviting them to sit back and relax in the bath or spend a few minutes in the shower. That’s just the perfect recipe for after-work relaxation.

If you’ve felt that too, you’ll probably be among those people who’ll welcome natural elements in their next bathroom makeover like wood for a more natural look, larger windows as connections to the outdoors, and indoor creeping plants to adorn the walls.

Sustainable and Livable

It relates to going green, and there’s an increasing number of stores out there that offer recycled, upcycled, and reclaimed materials for the bathroom. Wood for the walls is still among them, but so are vanity tables, storage baskets, rugs, and yes, tiles!

Upcycled materials are recycled objects given a facial lift to serve a specific purpose. It decreases, if not eliminates, waste, and are often offered for an affordable price. Reclaimed materials, like timber, can be reused in your bathroom’s feature wall and small cabinets can be transformed into bathroom storage.

Space and Glass

We all love space, but traditionally, bathrooms did not enjoy much breadth for the people in it to move with grace. But now, that trend is changing because more people are accommodating movement into their floor plans and are working with property stylists for spacious transformations.

The incorporation of glass, on the other hand, gives an illusion of openness and continuity in contrast to dividers or walls. What more could you want than to walk into a bathroom with such luminosity and cleanliness; you won’t have to take a peek to see what’s around the bend.

Light and Bright

Bathrooms used to be a dank space designed to obscure the view of the outdoors. With modern architecture and clever renovation, bathrooms are now slowly getting a taste of the spotlight as innovative lighting are introduced into the market.

LED lights, in particular, are enjoying great publicity because they’re green and they’re customisable. You can pick the colour you want to fit your bathroom motif. On top of that, lighting is now an integral ingredient in creating ambiance with variances such as feature light, accent light, and sensor lights.

Smart and Dynamic

Water and electricity sometimes make up the bulk of our monthly bills. It sometimes becomes a burden but now, with the invention of smart bathroom technologies, you can enjoy touchscreen-based showers, LED rainfall showers, and thermostatic mixers.

Sounds intimidating? Worry not because these technologies are user-friendly you’d be signing your way into the shower. This translates to lower utility bills and more savings for you! Isn’t it about time to think about investing into that solar panel…?

Whether you’re planning to renovate now or later, there’s time for you to plan things out.  Carefully consider the amenities you want, and should you want to try any of our picks above, feel free to do so!