Have you been thinking about Decluttering for quite some time?

When it comes to decluttering, do you feel completely stuck? Do you look around and find it hard to know where to begin?

For some, even just the thought of decluttering can be debilitating. It can upheave many years of memories, both good and bad. If handled in the wrong manner, this exercise can cause a huge amount of undue stress.

The reason we have put together a simple 5-step process is to ensure you feel supported and ensure you maintain your wellbeing throughout the downsizing process.

Whether you have a partner or you are on your own, you can do it! You will notice how much better you feel as you move along and begin to clear the way – one drawer at a time.

I am sure you have managed many big projects in your life, and this is just another. You may be surprised at how much you actually enjoy it. So, without further delay, let’s get started. The decluttering process has just begun.

“When you check each item ask yourself the questions…

When did I last use this?

Would someone else need this more than me?

How would I feel if I no longer had this?

Is this more valuable to me or someone else I know?

Then ask yourself this final question…

Is it time to let go?”


The simple 5-step Decluttering Process

STEP 1. Make the decision

Understand the reason behind your decision.

Before looking at the ‘How?’, it is best to understand the ‘Why?’ Why have you decided to declutter? Can you no longer open the doors in your home? or are you looking to move into a smaller home? Whatever the reason may be, it is the time to begin! TIP: Keep this in mind to help you stay motivated.

STEP 2. Set aside time

Make a time-line and stick to a schedule

Think of decluttering as a part time job, the benefit will be both financial and emotional. Depending on your time-frame, set aside blocks of time and be accountable. TIP: Reward yourself along the way.

STEP 3. Ask for Support

Time to team-up and ask for support from you family and friends

Talk to your family and friends about your decision to declutter and ask for support. You may like to schedule one decluttering session a week with a friend, and return the favour. TIP: Try and have a little fun, and keep it light.

STEP 4. Question the value

How much do I love you?

Ask each item – how much do I love? This will determine the real value. Ask family and friends what they would like rather than choosing items for them. TIP: Gift, sell – as a last resort – toss. Try and keep landfill to a minimum.

STEP 5. Be equipped

Gather bags and boxes and be ready to go

Carefully pack your things as you go along and colour code boxes so it is easy when you are unpacking. TIP: Move heavy books and items in a suitcase with wheels.

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