A significant question asked by most Empty Nesters is “When is the right time to move?” There is never really a “right time”. It mostly depends on the changes that follow as one gets older. It could be retirement, the children have completed their exams and off to uni, a change in lifestyle, or it could even be because of health. In any case, one has to consider some factors for the move to be successful.

Distance from Shopping and Services

Convenience to buy fruit and vegetables, or pop into the bank is important to anyone. If the supermarket or the newsagent are nearby, walking or riding a bicycle going there can be an easy option and a big advantage to the improvement of health. Having the ability to get around is something to look for when planning to move to a new neighbourhood. What’s more important is, in case of emergency, the necessary facilities are accessible.

Getting to Work, Having Visitors or Holidays

You could be still working or want to be near family. It’s important to consider all of these issues. How many years will you want to do this for? What about the convenience of lock up and leave for your holiday?

Entertainment and Community Services

Having recreational activities contributes to a full and meaningful life. Going to the movies, playing golf, surfing or whatever your heart desires, can definitely give satisfaction.

For community services, it’s vital to know some information about the new neighbourhood especially about community and interest groups. Cleaning services, homecare and the like are very useful for the Empty Nesters. If all these are available, that would mean more time for leisure or, if one prefers, to do community volunteering work to apply your skills. Therefore, having knowledge about this beforehand is surely beneficial.

Social or Interest Groups

Neighbourhoods such as over 50 communities are becoming popular as they house people with the similar circumstances. Adjusting to a new house and a new neighbourhood can be smooth, as long as there are people around who can provide emotional security and comfort. One client of ours was so excited to move near her bridge friends. How fun!