Modern Living Room designed by BG Property Styling
When home staging, make sure to use furniture to put some life in each room. An empty, vast space with only walls, ceilings and floors is a sad picture to look at. Compare that to the picture above which is a magnificent modern living room. You want home buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Show them a lifestyle that can spark their interest and imagination when they see your property. So put some furniture in each room to liven up that space (or lessen if you have a lot!)

Here are some great tips on how to pick furniture for home staging and how to put it all together:


1.  Scale and style to fit. Use small furniture if your room is not so big. Take into account the space for walking around. You’re not styling this home to fit your needs. Instead, you’re styling to showcase it to potential home buyers. You will need enough space to move around the room when guiding home buyers around your property. Style is also important at this stage. Look around your home. Is there a specific theme of the house? Complement the architectural style and age of the house with the RIGHT furniture. 

TIP: Keep big pieces neutral, add accent with colour in your accessories, and choose furniture with clean lines.


2.  Minimise. Some say that furniture shouldn’t be the reason why a home is sold – rather this should be a prop to sell your home. Put only a few essential furniture to make it look warm and liveable. For example, a dining room should have a dining table. You can decorate the table by using a centerpiece. In the corner of the room, you can put a plant that complements the room. Remove excess furniture. We want to show a spacious and airy space space to home buyers.


3.  Declutter. When you declutter, you will realise that you have pieces of furniture that you haven’t used for a long time or it’s too old and worn-out. Keep the ones that are in good condition and complements the room. We want to show an up-to-date and appropriate room to our buyers.


Choosing the RIGHT furniture for your home can be a breeze if you ask the right person to help you with this. BG Property Styling is an expert on this matter! If you would like to know more about this, call us at 0433 400 139 or email us at