Preparation for pre-sale is the key to a successful sale.  That’s not just the cosmetic changes or renovations – it’s also about thinking through all your personal belongings in the home.  Are they suitable to have on show for your inspections?  Do they work with the look you are trying to achieve?  Creating a broad appeal is about neutralising, depersonalising and ensuring an uncluttered appearance.  So here’s my thoughts on sorting through your things and the decision process when working through this job!

The Real Meaning of Value

The items you are sorting through are  not necessarily the most valuable items in monetary terms, but those that you cherish for sentimental reasons and for the lasting memories they give you.   It could be a side table your dear grandfather made or a canvas your four-year-old son hand (and foot!) painted at kindy.

These are the belongings that may not necessarily have any monetary value at all, but they still mean the world to you.   The more superfluous items could be given away or donated to others who would value them or find them more useful than you do now.

You need to ask yourself if each item currently suits your needs.  Does it still suit the purpose they were originally bought for?

Ask yourself the following questions to determine the ‘real’ meaning of value when it comes to your personal belongings:

The Meaning of Value Questions:

  • How much do I love you?
  • Do I love you so much I really have to keep you?
  • Will I need you when I move from this home?
  • Do I need you for the property presentation when my home goes on the market?
  • Am I happy to pay to wrap and box you, store you, pay for someone to lift you, transport you, store you, then transport you to my next home?
  • Will I still be happy that I have done all that when I go to unwrap you at my new home?
  • Are you one of my most loved items and are you worthy of a place in my stylish new home?
  • Do you mean so much to me that I would take you on a year’s travel break around Australia?
Asking these questions will help you declutter and cull for an easier transition from presenting your home for inspections, saving on transport to your new place and also ensuring only your really special items go with you to your next home.