Colours evoke emotions. Scientific research has long pointed out the connection between colours and its emotional or mental pull on our psyche. When selling your home, you would like buyers to connect emotionally with your house. One of the methods to make that happen is through using colours.

Here are some of the insights drawn from colour research.  StyledStagedSold also shared some tips for how you may be able to apply the information in staging your property.


Red can easily grab a person’s attention first and foremost, and is known to evoke strong emotions.  A study has also found that red can actually improve a person’s cognitive performance too, making a person even more accurate and attentive to detail.

Try it: We all want buyers’ eyes drawn instantly to those selling features, right? Maybe a red accessory on the fireplace mantel or a vase of red flowers on those sparkling granite countertops can help you get buyers’ eyes right to where you want them.


Often associated with water and peace, blue is known as a soothing colour that has a calming effect. Research has shown that blue is the colour most preferred by men, so incorporating blue in your home’s colour scheme will do you good.

Try it: A soft blue color in the bathroom or bedroom may just be the calming retreat you want to create in a home you have for sale.

Also, since blue has been found to make people more creative (studies have shown people in a blue room were found to be twice as creative than when they were in a red room), blue might be a good choice in a children’s room too.


A restful color and known as the color of “balance.” Often associated with health, tranquility, and nature, most people are reassured by green on a primitive level. Research that focused on treatments for seasonal affective disorder also have shown that people exposed to green colours (excluding greens with yellow undertones) actually were found to have improved moods.

Try it: Shades of more neutral greens can give a restful, harmony in bedrooms. Also, scattering green plants throughout a home also may help buyers get that “reassured” feeling that this is the right home for them.


While it can communicate clean and hygienic, too much white can be a strain to look at and even send the message “Don’t touch me!” You want buyers to not only touch but live in the property, so avoid using too much white. However, white can give a heightened perception of space so for small spaces, you can use it to your advantage.

Try it: Use a shade of white (such as antique white or Navajo white) on your trim for a clean, contemporary look. But unless your design scheme is modern, you’ll probably want to choose a color other than white for your walls. White walls can make a home feel cold and plain. Color on your walls can psychologically do your buyers more good. came up with an interesting infographic to help you draw from the psychological influence of colour on human responses and behaviours.