The Joys of Upcycling

The Joys of Upcycling


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By breathing new like into an unused item, you’ll be helping to reduce waste as well as create an interior statement that reflects your personal style.  Upcycling is the process of transforming something unwanted into something new and wonderful, therefore helping to reduce waste. To add a bit of clever creativity on the home furnishing front, we would love to share our tips.



Take a look around your home first

If you don’t have the right piece of furniture at hand, its easy to find reasonably priced second-hand items. Check out online marketplaces or auction houses, which offer a range of styles of new and second-hand pieces.

Start with well-made piece of furniture

Very often, older pieces that display beautiful craftsmanship and design will outlast their modern counterparts. If you’re buying a second-hand item, a good tip is to assess the stability of the joins and construction as these are good indicators of durability.

Consider the details

Shape, proportions, quality, styling and decorative details all contribute to the authenticity and interest factor of your upcycled item. Don’t worry much about original knobs and handles as these can be easily replaced.

Get tips, inspiration and advice

There are so many blogs and community groups dedicated to reducing landfill and championing “reuse”, “repair”, “recycle”. Many give examples and advice for projects, often with step by step guides that can be helpful for novice upcyclers.

The rule is there are no rules

The great thing about repurposing furniture is that the rules cease to apply. For example, take a glass fronted antique dining room cabinet and place it in the bathroom for storing towels and displaying a collection of decorative bottles… such a chic and clever solution! For inspiration, search upcycling on Instagram and social media which are great resources for showing upcycling possibilities and getting a daily dose of inspiration.

Mix and match styles

Some of the most successful interiors are those where styles are mixed and matched. A home feels like a home when the décor reflects the story of its owner’s with pieces collected over time and through changing circumstances. Placing vintage furniture amidst contemporary pieces helps to create a stylish but casual vibe.

Value quality

Layering design, materials and textures brings depth to any space and helps to make a home feel finished. A few well considered pieces of furniture add more value than having many mass-produced poor-quality items that will date quickly.

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