We are often asked what the difference is between property styling and a pre-sale makeover.

In a lot of cases you need both and in general a ‘makeover specialist’ has the concepts and ideas behind adding value for the entire property.  A property stylist is normally the term for a furniture hire company representative, someone who puts the ‘icing on the cake’, as I call it.

Like most things in life, a solid foundation is a good start and so I’m going to concentrate on talking about the makeover specialist, which is what we do, prior to the final ‘icing’.

As an agent, when your vendors want the opportunity to add value and for constructive independent feedback about their entire property, a pre-sale makeover specialist would be the professional to suggest calling in.

We work to increase profit through identifying and creating value add opportunities, and a furniture hire  ‘stylist’ may in fact be one of those key stakeholders we call in, as is a painter or a carpet layer etc.

A makeover specialist’s role, is to give constructive and objective feedback regarding the presentation of the property.  This feedback will cover everything from the front gate and the outdoor areas, to the layout of the master bedroom then all the way to the condition of the garden pots at the back fence.  Your makeover specialist should be detailed and thorough about every opportunity of enhancement.

A makeover specialist’s role, is to give constructive and objective feedback regarding the presentation of the property.

From your vendor’s point-of-view, a pre-sale makeover specialist should be treated as a fountain of information. You can help prepare them  to be open to change and to hear constructive feedback. If they can understand the buyers perspective and act on as much as is humanly and logistically possible for their circumstances, then they will ensure a more profitable and time efficient sale process.

Your pre-sale specialist will also give you, as the listing agent, a sneak peak of the purchasers feedback and comments before they happen – and of course, give you the opportunity to address them.

Great makeover specialists have done this hundreds and hundreds of times before and will give your vendors insight and knowledge from the industry, in the most cost effective and timely manner. It is also important for them to know their budget and be ready with some time and effort. It’s worth guiding your clients to let their property makeover specialist know their availability and budget and the good ones will will tailor the options to best suit their needs.


We are a trusted residential property makeover company transforming residential homes across Sydney since 2008. We help owners and investors to update their property, to either increase the value and enjoy now to live in, or to sell.

The Papillon service guides customers through the entire process, in a holistic manner to make the transition from initial planning, through renovation and presentation to listing, selling, moving house or downsizing and even settling owners into their new property.

Home owners and their stories are the inspiration behind Papillon Styling and during the management of those projects we’ve come to understand that we also help people to change their lives. This has unexpectedly become the underlying heartbeat of our business and we are absolutely delighted about it.

Our strength lies in our ability to understand what’s needed on an individual basis, both on an emotional and practical level, because making big decisions around property is daunting. We hold hands together with our customers and walk them through the process with empathy, honesty and full transparency over fees and what to expect.

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