Editor’s Note: Recently, Belinda Grundy, the founder of BG Property Styling, has been a finalist for the NSW Business Chamber Business Awards Business Leader category. A feat, so to speak, Belinda shares her thoughts about the values that she upholds both as a leader and an entrepreneur.

‘We have the vision you can trust.’ This is BGPS’ credo, and it represents the qualities that I uphold as a business leader: vision, mission, innovation, integrity, accountability, and social responsibility.


I envision to become the leading Property Makeover Specialist in the country. For a vision this big, it has been my anchor to give meaning in my pursuit. And this I already started by wielding my passion for interior design, helping people transform their homes, and capitalising on that transformation to bring about the best results.  My experiences supports this through a professional background in Change management, training, interior design, entrepreneurial professional development, and a post graduate diploma in management.


I’m on a mission to become the voice of the property makeover industry. So I always ask my clients these: how do you feel about your home, why do you feel that way, and what goals do you intend to achieve? As I listen to my clients speak, I uncover their subconscious motivations. By knowing these motivators, I become the articulator of their unspoken needs.


I believe that innovation starts from the ground up so I started on my business infrastructure. I began by investing in a scalable CRM system and tied it to a cloud-based mailing system. Then I moved to a cloud-based storage system for BGPS’ proprietary properties. On-field, I started innovating on paper-based processes. Right now, clients can monitor a project’s progress through an online Project Site. And late last year, I invested on a responsive website and industry leading customer tools and resources to embrace the growing trend of mobile-based users.


There are two concepts involved here: constant communication with my clients regarding a project’s progress and adherence to the calendar of works. Communication allows my clients to make informed decisions, while adherence allows me to complete a project on time without compromising results.  The other is constant accountability and integrity expectations with my staff and all trades and service professionals and providers.


Not only the ‘during’ but I always follow-up with clients post-makeover. This gives me peace of mind knowing that a project I coordinated reflects the needs of my clients and my vision for them. I’m ever proud to have received great feedback from all of them, and coupled with that, I have won the confidence of industry professionals who have been steadily referring their clients to BG Property Styling.

Social Responsibility

I’m a fervent believer in paying things forward. One milestone after another, I feel that I’m also responsible in giving back to my community. Right now, BG Property Styling is a supporter of the McGrath Foundation, CanTeen Australia, and Fight on the Beaches.  Community means local fellow business support wherever possible, too.  As an active member of the Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce and Pittwater Businesses, our service providers are selected and retained via these local channels wherever possible.

The Business Leader category ‘recognises the positive contribution made to business by business people and professionals. The award recognises those who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic business direction and innovative ideas, whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming business leaders.’ – NSW Business Chamber)