ABS estimates that a total of 709,400 Australians are still looking for a job. This brings to light the question: how secure are we, as individuals, when it comes to our tenure? Despite some of us dedicating almost our entire lives to a single employer, who can guarantee that our stronghold from our bread and butter is as solid as a stone?

That prospect, though, highlights another question: What can I do to do something for myself?

Answer is: Monetise your talent, learn additional skills, invest in a course to master a certain niche – the list goes on!

While we can learn anything we set our mind to, we can’t deny the fact that sometimes, hands-on experience can become a challenge to what we know in theory. The gap that this challenge creates leads us to think: is this really right for me? Can I do really do this?

What choice?

The choice to invest in something that can grow – you!.

Freedom from 9-5 is a great deciding factor.

But what actually makes franchising a contender plays upon the strength of an existing brand. The potential to grow is there because people who are running the main franchise already possess knowledge of consumer behaviour and market trends. The intellectual assets are already in place. The only thing that a franchisee needs to do is to put them into action with love and determination.

The support that franchisees get from the franchisor mirrors that of a mentor – mentee relationship. Franchisees learn from best practices that’ll help them streamline their operations. With success and growth are seen as the ultimate goals, the franchisee drives.

Papillon Styling and Renovations can be your primary source of income when done right. The perks it offers mean that the franchisee can stop trading time for money. Instead, he or she can trade for a job they love.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. If this is the path for you, you should start doing something about it now.

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