Street appeal is defined as your property’s visual charm (and magnet!) as seen from the street. From such vantage point, a prospective buyer will already have built the first impression by looking at your property’s exterior in 15 seconds. The only decision point then is whether or not to call for interior inspection or drive past to the next property with a ‘for sale’ sign. Why so?

The concept of street appeal hinges on the psychological precepts of attraction: beauty, as seen from the outside, offers enough captivation to lure prospective buyers in. So if your property does not boast a competitive and attractive appeal from the street, chances are, you’ll encounter marketing challenges and barriers from your target market. So what can you do?

Magnify Your Street Appeal Through a Makeover

Our real estate market is marked by professional competitiveness, is home to creative strategies that focus on each marketable part of a property. With street appeal included, pre-sale specialists like us readily advise vendors on how to make the most of and enhance what they have.

To get you started, here is our collection of tips for you to get started on your street appeal makeover:

Go Green

Apart from aesthetics, put love into the front, going green is important now because spring is considered as the season of blooming vegetation. If you’re unsure about your choices, working with your Property Makeover Specialist will mean qualified gardeners and landscapers who can help can be engaged.

Plant with “Showing Off” and Privacy in Mind

We don’t want your privacy to block your beauty. Show as much off as you can, bearing privacy in mind.

Your House Numbers

You need to be found, and promptly. People can easily switch house numbers. Ensure that prospects can easily identify or find yours by using a bold and eye-catching style on your house number. Use your house number to make a statement and to stand out from competing vendors, it also helps by showing the right way to the front door.

Don’t Forget Your House Colour

Painting your house’s exterior makes a HUGE difference, with a special focus on your door, – it’s a must. Painting contemporary is also a must. Settle for contemporary and crisp colours that represent warmth and happiness. Balance that with an air of elegance and appeal.

Consider Hardscaping

Hardscaping involves investing in concrete planters (which you can take with you!), sometimes updated paths, walls etc – any addition that helps enhance your property’s exteriors. This also includes sprucing up the driveway and refinishing porch floors.

Create the Feeling of Arrival

This means adding features that make visitors feel that they are already in their future property’s spaces. Eye-catching features like lighting, a unique flower pot, or furnishing pieces are but a few examples.

Install Points for Admiration

Allowing prospective buyers to pause at a certain place outside while en route to your door is a form of marketing engagement. If you have space, you can add a bench where visitors can sit to admire your garden, discuss their feelings about your home, enhance engagement etc.

Spruce Up the Fence

Fences represent boundaries between a private and a public property. There can act as a line that distinguishes the street footpath and the lawn. This can remove a potential barrier and concern about additional expense when moving in with pets and or children.

Now, remember that all, if not most, of the above, are something that you can DIY. However, if you are doubtful, especially when it comes to making decisions with your target market in mind, you have professionals ready to help you.

Pre-sale Property Makeover Specialists specialise in sprucing up not only your property’s street appeal but your entire property. They know professional trades who can deliver quality work to help you attain your goal of selling on time for maximum profit. So don’t hesitate.