We’re back with the second installment of tips about what you can do to get ready for spring sale! If you missed the first installment, you can read about it here.

Furniture Replacement or Replacement

Things will depreciate; while you can still use them, your buyer may not. That’s why it’s important to do an inventory to see which of your furniture needs replacement and which ones you need to hire. Remember that anything you replace or buy to stay in the home, if done well, adds to its sell value.

New Carpets and Window Furnishings

No one is fond of dated carpet. People also believe that it’s a large hassle to replace it. Having new contemporary carpet is a real value addition to your home. If your carpet is worn out, you’ll give the sale an additional challenge. So invest in suitable floor coverings, and consider substituting unfashionable curtains with updated coverings.

Declutter Interiors

We mentioned this already, but we’re saying it again because decluttering inside your home is as important as de-cluttering outside. The same principle applies: choose the items you want to keep, those that you can sell, those that you can donate, and those that you can toss away. You’d be surprised at how much space you create.

Spruce up the Roof

You may never have considered this, but surprisingly, a prospective buyer who drives up your home will notice two things first: your property’s surroundings and the roof. We settled the surroundings part but not the roof. So does it need repainting, fixing, or simply cleaning?

Floor Plan Makeover

Consider going through your floor plan together with a property stylist to determine value-added alterations. Think about the amenities that you can create from an empty space (like a spare room), a wall, and the like. Do not hesitate to contact a professional Property Makeover Specialist if you are considering this option.

Remember that you can always prepare your property for spring sale through DIY procedures. But if you find yourself stumped over something that may potentially increase the value of your home, or if you’re simply having second thoughts about what steps to take, do not hesitate to let us know.