Homeowners busily renovating their homes; sellers giving their homes a makeover; real estate agencies busily planning an advertising strategy; and trades people attending to repairs. The property market is about to get busy. In one-week’s time, all of the hard work will pay off. If you’re planning to sell your home but you’re not prepared yet, here’s what you can do to welcome the spring sale from our very own Belinda Grundy.

Street Appeal

Spring is beautiful; welcome new sprouts of life and natural colours by tidying up your garden. Trim the lawn, put in new plants, and smarten the fence. The goal is for the prospective buyer to see how beautiful your property is starting from the outside.

A Promising Welcome

Welcome prospective buyers by showing off a clean patio, front walk, and driveway. Pressure-clean these areas and paint your door. The latter is necessary because buyers linger outside and do the “drive-by” prior to opens. This allows them additional time to check the assets of your property from the outside.

A Clean Surroundings

You don’t want things lying around your home when you put it up for sale. Clutter causes visual disturbance – something that doesn’t add value to your property. De-clutter around the house and the garden. Property Stylist Belinda Grundy lives by, “keep, sell, donate, or toss.” You know the drill.

Inviting Outdoor Areas

If you have an outdoor entertainment area in your property, do not ignore how it can potentially appeal to your buyers. Invest in new furniture and repair cracks – putting in a deck or using tiles and concrete covers are some of your options. Doing so adds a living space to your home.

Pre-inspection Repair

You can save more from fixing problems within and around the house ahead of time instead of waiting for the property inspector. One thing you also want to avoid is for a buyer calling your attention to a problem when you could have fixed it beforehand. Besides, prior repairs add value to your home in terms of utility and usability.

Property Styling

The kitchen and bathrooms seem to be the major selling points for homes these days. Don’t let these rooms in your house appear unglamorous. If you’re unsure about what to do, enlist the help of professional a property stylist. Don’t get caught in the assumption that buyers are willing to spend for renovation; cost could be the reason you’re driving them away.

Wall Colour

One key principle you need to remember when preparing your home for sale is to avoid personalisation. In this case, do not paint walls red just because you like red. Consider the viewpoint of your prospective buyer. Neutral, earth colours, and off whites are usually safer.