We are right on the edge of preparing for the busy season.  It’s interesting that now people are really catching on to the power of the winter season to eliminate the potential competition and get ahead of the rest.  My recipe is to Jump-start the silly spring season, get ahead of others and get into the makeover now.  One frequent question in relation to this we have experienced in the last few weeks is: If I get ahead of the competition and makeover and market now, what should we do with the marketing calendar if the school holidays are coming up?  My opinion on this one is it’s really down to the target market and consulting the expertise of your agent.

If you are appealing to a family with school children and your geographical area is known for people leaving the area for holidays, then consider working around it.  On the other hand, the action often happens at the initial weeks, then at the end – so you might be alright!  My advice is you need to speak with your agent about it.  They know who is buying in the area and what those people do and who they are.  Your agent will have the answers.  I sold my home over easter, and it did not make a difference!  It’s different everywhere.  So whatever the target market and thinking about getting a Jumpstart, talk with your agent, the good ones have the right answers and the time for you to discuss.