When you feel that your bathroom is getting boring and unappealing, you don’t have to immediately start planning the bathroom makeover of the year!  You don’t need to worry about the costs.  There are some simple and inexpensive ways on how you can give a face lift to your bathroom without having to spend so much.

The following simple and inexpensive bathroom makeovers will not overly consume your time and money.

Deep Cleaning

It goes without saying that bathrooms should be spotlessly clean. Mouldy bathroom ceilings should be washed back and/or painted. Remove hand prints and scuff marks from walls, light switches and fittings. If necessary, have the carpets cleaned and wash blinds/windows to get rid of musty smells.

Clean all tiles and surfaces.  Make your floors and tiled surfaces shine.  We have previously shared some inexpensive ways  on updating your bathroom floors and walls.  Check out the green cleaning recipe to keep your home fresh and clean.

Get organised. Neat, well-ordered storage show that space is ample. Get under the sink and organise.  Tidy the bathroom cabinets and be sure that when buyers open doors to look at storage space, it is neat and tidy.  Do not forget to also clean your bathroom furniture and accessories as well.

Repaint the Bathroom Wall

One other simple and inefficient bathroom makeover technique is to repaint the bathroom wall.  Whether you renew the old and faded paint or change the wall colour altogether, the repainting job would definitely change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Choosing the Bathroom Wall Colour

If you’re selling your home, neutral colour is still the best way to go.  But splashing some colour wouldn’t hurt. A soft blue colour in the bathroom may just be the calming retreat you want to create in a home you have for sale. Shades of more neutral greens can also give a restful harmony in your home. Also, scattering green plants may help buyers get that “reassured” feeling that this is the right home for them.  Check out our series of blog posts on the colours that attract home buyers for guidance on choosing the right colour for your bathroom.

Fix all Fixtures

 Make sure all fixtures, including faucets, lights, towel racks and toilet paper holders, are in good working condition.  Replace them when necessary. Repair leaky faucets and toilets, if any.

Finishing Touches

In staging your bathroom, appeal to your buyers’ aspirations.  Create a spa-like experience in your bathroom. Purchase a set of fluffy neutral-coloured towels. Plants also add a freshness & softness to bathrooms. Place healthy bathroom-loving plants  on the countertop or the toilet cistern.

Following these tips, your bathroom will definitely be a WOW room in no time at all!  But before you hop in and do your bathroom makeover, make sure to read the 7 mistakes to avoid when staging your bathroom.