Our specialists are highly experienced in property makeovers, renovations and increasing value. 
Let Papillon Styling & renovations take the stress from your shoulders and increase value and appeal in your home, to enjoy now or when you are ready to go on the market.  
It always starts here, with an Initial Appraisal.

Initial Appraisal

We always start with your initial appraisal. This can be done on-site or via video for more remote locations.  We complete a full and thorough walk through your property, discussing and identifying all of our value-add and makeover opportunities.  Our clients always say this is a fantastic first step, paving the way to a clear and concise plan of action for a makeover project – large or small!


$445 incl GST : Online Initial Appraisal (Phone & Video)


$995 incl GST : On-site Initial Appraisal


Inclusions: site visit or video & phone, up to 2 hours of detailed walk-through and idea-generation throughout the entire property, completion of a makeover summary, and a post-visit summary review call. 

Project Coordination

This is the done-for-you service.  Depending on the makeover and the amount of trades and services you require, a coordination fee is quoted.  Note this fee is a coordination of all scoping and quoting, then the implementation of your transformation.


Inclusions are, only as required by your project:  
Part A: scoping and quoting of makeover works, documentation and supplier briefings, quoting of all works with tried and tested team, review of proposed works, return on investment checks with qualified professionals, 
Part B: implementation of makeover works, decluttering, charity pick-up and removals, eBay and auction house sales, selections of surfaces / colours / finishes, and much more as required by your project