We see the living room or lounge room as an area for relaxing and socialising. When we get a bit older, we will likely spend most of our days relaxing here and from time to time, occasionally chat with visiting friends in this area too. But how do you make the living room much cozier, safer and friendlier for us in our golden age?


A clear pathway makes it easier to move around, so declutter. Clear away small home accessories, plants or magazine racks. In addition, make a wide space in between objects or furniture to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers.


To create cozy living room, add some touches of white and neutral colours, along with blues, greens and/or violets to reflect lighting and brighten the room. Choose furnishing hues that contrast the background. This will aid the eyes in distinguishing the furniture like the sofa, tables or chairs.


Plenty of light will definitely make a living room more comfortable and safer. Check out our blog, Why is Lighting Important to Older Adults? for more information.


Accessible storage would mean no reaching, bending or straining. Choose appropriate desks, drawers or cabinets. You can install large or D-loop handles for easier opening of cabinets.


Consider the size and stability. Make sure that the furniture you choose, like a sofa for example, is not be too big or too high. The feet should touch the floor and the knees are bent in a right angle. The furniture should also be stable to avoid accidents.

Also consider furniture with reclining option. This kind of furniture provides comfort to someone with less than perfect bone-structures.  A good example is a lazy boy chair. Lastly, consider hypoallergenic furniture. Avoiding allergens can provide total comfort and safety to anyone.

When all of these things are taken into account, relaxing in the living room is like heaven, and having visitors over can be a delight. It may also leave your guests planning their next visit for tea and biscuits!