Contemplating the decision to put your property on the market can be tough. Once you have made your mind up, the ball sets in motion and can start to roll pretty fast. CRUNCH time!  There are many things you can do to help yourself along. My biggest tip is to start with the plan.

Planning ahead allows you time for finding the right agent.  We suggest to always interview three and take time to be really comfortable with your choice. Planning time also gives you time to get anything fixed at the property that may need some TLC, research your target marketaddress any issues, address the space management, ensure the right picture is created and to ensure that MAXIMUM appeal and PROFIT.  Our research tells us that a usual buffer of time can be 4-6 weeks, depending on the issues identified. These issues can mean all sorts of different items on our checklist, they can be large or small, sometimes it is those little things….

Many clients also are unaware of the time allowance from the photography date to press, so we always work closely with the anent to ensure this timing is perfect.  What needs to be done for photography, may well be different to the first open home for example and you know I believe those are both CRITICAL:)

You can also consult with a staging expert and have your property appraised to see what you are looking at in terms of the big picture. Getting other opinions and a checklist during the planning process will help you eliminate some of the stress once the property is on the market.

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