Selling this Spring? Homes that make a good first impression have five things in common

Selling this Spring? Homes that make a good first impression have five things in common


It takes just 26 seconds for buyer to form an opinion of your home when they walk through the front door. So, what does your space say about you? While we try to resist the urge to judge, there’s no doubt that first impressions count. Here are four key areas that people notice first about your house and quick tips on how to fix them on a budget.



A styled entryway

A clean and welcoming entryway is crucial in leaving a good first impression, it’s the first thing a buyer sees. It’s crucial that the entrance introduces a design theme. Think bright, organised, and neutral. There’s a place for the eclectic or quirky, but the entryway is not that place. Updating wall decor is a simple way to unify the space by choosing a few specific things that pair perfectly. A precisely placed mirror can make a space look much bigger and brighter.

An uplifting scent

If you only pay attention to the look of your home, you’re missing one of the most important factors that influence buyers: fragrance. “Scent can be one of the most immediate factors in making a first impression, and it is often overlooked. It could also increase the value of your home; 30 per cent of real estate agents said scent was the single most important sense during an open house and named vanilla and fresh scents as the most popular among house hunters. Light a vanilla or citrus candle in the living room or near the entrance to infuse your home with an uplifting scent. If you’re turning your home into a rental, be sure to use a tall lantern to shield the open flame. As always, flowers always add an elegant but subtle fragrance.

A lack of clutter

When it comes to first impressions, clutter counts. 73 per cent of real estate agents said cleanliness is the most important sight-based feature during a viewing, possibly because unnecessary furniture and decor can make a space feel small. A foyer should have absolutely no clutter. Everything, from decorative knickknacks to practical things like shoes, should have a designated place. Keys should be hung neatly on a key rack, and shoes should have a rack or boot tray. As for cleanliness, dusting and vacuuming go a long way. Use decorative baskets to mask mess. Position them by the doorway, under a coffee table, or beside a sofa to fake a cleaner-looking home without removing any items.

White paint

The colour you choose to paint your home can have a big impact on its value. If you’re painting a guest room, real estate agents told Trulia that white, ivory, and eggshell are the most appealing shades to create an inviting space. If repainting your home isn’t an option, pay attention to lighting. A carefully chosen floor lamp with the right coloured bulb can subtly change the intensity of paint and is a perfect way to make a slate-gray room feel bright and fresh.

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