Let me explain: Downsizing (verb). to make (something) smaller. Rightsizing (verb). to convert (something) to an appropriate or optimum size.

There’s an assumption that when children reach adulthood, they will have their own lives and move out of the family home. Their parents will instinctively ‘downsize’ and discard the possessions they’ve accumulated over the years, sell the house, and move into a smaller home that’s easier to maintain. Often it does not happen this way and we see people choose to live in their homes until much later. The question is, is downsizing the right decision for all and what are the options?

Ultimately, your next move isn’t about downsizing or upsizing: it’s about what I like to call ‘Rightsizing’. It’s about minimising your stress levels and living in a property that suits your current needs. This could mean purchasing a smaller private property, living in an over 55’s community, a retirement village or even building a new granny flat in your backyard!

It is said that major change has a similar effect of trauma and I can say I have certainly seen this in many of our clients who leave it somewhat too late to move.

The change cycle follows the process; denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance.

Immobilisation and denial is where I meet most of my clients.  “I don’t know where to start”, “I don’t know who to trust”. Most of our downsizers (or rightsizers) are stuck in the cycle of “It’s too hard, so it is easier to stay”.

There’s far more to this Rightsizing than what we find in a normal real estate transaction. People at this stage require nurturing, patience, and understanding. Rightsizing happens to be one of the feared projects you will have undertake in your lifetime, which is completely understandable.

We have had the privilege to help many Empty-Nesters who are thinking about beginning the next phase of their lives and are ready to Rightsize their home. These happy clients who, after a successful move, now have time for themselves and friends and can take up new interests, potentially leading to a more fulfilled lifestyle and improved well-being.

If you are considering leaving your family home and making the next move and not sure where to begin, rest assured you’re not alone. You are invited to our Downsizing Masterclasses where you will join Belinda Woolrych and local experts to work through all of the challenges, overcome the overwhelm and leave with a strategic plan. Topics covered include coping with change, decluttering, overview of the current property market, pension thresholds and superannuation the ins and outs of retirement living. You are also invited to bring your questions for our Q&A panel.  BOOK NOW and receive my book Rightsize Your Home: The Empty Nester’s Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize