Reaching the senior years is a time to celebrate and relax. During this period, you must stay away from the causes of stress to live a happier and healthier life because you deserve it. Your retirement is not the time to be stressed out about the responsibilities of a home (bills, debts, home maintenance, health, mortgages, etc.) And perhaps the most logical decision to reduce stress is to start thinking about rightsizing your property and moving to a smaller home. Here’s why:

1. Smaller Bills

Keeping your four or five-bedroom home cool during summer and warm during winter would mean a bigger electricity bill. You can save on utilities and mortgage with a smaller house! Not only this will make your wallet smile, but it will also help the environment because you’re consuming less energy.

2. Savings

Since you’re paying less for your home, you will save a significant portion. This will definitely boost your retirement savings! Now, you can use your savings on investments, healthcare, or maybe even a trip to the Caribbean!

3. Easy Maintenance

A smaller space will be easier to clean. Fewer bulbs to replace, fewer sheets to change, fewer leaves to rake. Your bills for hiring help with the cleaning, gardening or other home help areas will definitely decrease.

4. Healthier Living

Having a lot of items that you have collected over the years can make your home harder to clean and hard to organise. A dusty and chaotic home can lead to stress and even sickness. A smaller space with fewer things is easier to manage. Your clean and decluttered home will serve as your healthy retreat during your retirement.

5. More Intimate Home

Smaller rooms will require you to move your seats and tables closer. This will allow more intimate conversations with your partner, grandchildren, family members, and friends. If you haven’t yet, start planning your move so you can start enjoying your stress-free retirement.