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How do I align a strategy of success with sellers expectations?


It’s critical to align a sales strategy of presentation with a systematic approach to selling. So selecting an agent with that process and integrity is vital to us. Success for a homeowner is achieved through 3 pillars of success: Right Agent, Right Price and Right Presentation. Only then is the recipe right.

First, home sellers need to be guided when it comes to the technical aspects of home selling. This specifically refers to the property conveyance of the selling process. To achieve this, the home seller should team up with a Real Estate Agents who has integrity, standards, and a defined process when it comes to selling. Home sellers need the knowledge of an industry professional to reorient their perspectives and to help set proper expectations.

Second, as a Real Estate Agent, it is a huge responsibility for you to educate the client when it comes to the process of home selling. This includes what needs  to be done in order to add value to a property, who to work with in order to achieve that goal, and what type of works are involved in order to deliver intended results.

Finally, the role of BG Property Styling when it comes to home selling is to be a project coordinator. We team up with Real Estate Agents and coordinate the services, trades, and everything that’s needed in order to add value to a property. That is to say that when BG Property Styling teams with an agent, the former’s brand form a good strategic mix with the latter’s personal brand. In addition, home sellers who are looking for good agents can approach BG Property Styling, and we can certainly assist them with a shortlist of who they could interview.

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