Each month, we will highlight one home staging dilemma encountered by our Real Estate Agents. Through these posts, Belinda Grundy, Director of BG Property Styling, will share her invaluable recommendations with a goal of helping Real Estate Agents communicate better with home sellers to achieve a rewarding sale.


Key People:

Matt – a Real Estate Agent based in the Mosman area

Joanna – the property owner who wants to sell her home


The Situation:

Matt, having viewed Joanna’s property, recommended a few strategies for selling. However, Joanna has plans about approaching selling on her own. She believes that the way she’s lived in the house is the best way that she can sell the house.


The Dilemma:

Real Estate Agents can discuss sales strategies with homeowners. However, in this case, Joanna is quite determined to approach the sale based on her own “strategy.” Should Matt go along with it? How assertive should he be?


The Solution:

It is very common for homeowners to know and to love their home the way that they like it and use it.  It is true that homes can be sold in this way; the question is: how would this affect the sale price and/or selling experience?

This is the beauty of experiencing and Initial Appraisal, which ought to be done alongside a pre-sale presentation expert.  The advice comes from the ‘first impression’ which really has been lost by the homeowner or any of their friends / their agent after seeing the property for the first 15 minutes.  This was often lost years prior!


The Next Step:

To obtain professional guidance on how to effectively close a sale, consulting a pre-sale property styling expert is a good start. With BG Property Styling, the consultation process over the phone comes for free, and it can be completed in 15 minutes. The key is to approach the sales process through the aid of a fresh pair of eyes. Follow this link to learn more about this service: Obligation-Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation.