The idea of getting your property on the market, receiving multiple bids, and accepting an offer within days is not the norm. When you decide to sell your home, be prepared for a selling marathon – it’s not always a sprint. After all, spring and summer are those months when the property clock favours the buyer’s market. That is, there are more homes for sale. So what can you do to ensure that you’ll find the best buyer? We have these tips for you.

Recognise the differences in the market

Sydney’s north is a classic example – it has its own property ecosystem but it’s only a patchwork of the country’s general market. Observe the property trends taking place and always talk to a professional to understand what’s going on in your area.

Undergo building inspection

This has to happen even before you contact a Real Estate Agent. In a competitive market, it’s always better to be proactive and fix what can be fixed. The advantage of doing this is that it gives you the option to pick who will fix it. If you do this beforehand, you’ll get your home spruced up for a competitive price.

Consider a property makeover

Here’s a fact: if your home isn’t appealing at first glance of the photographs, buyers won’t even bother to inspect or even come in. Contact a property makeover specialist to spot the selling potentials of your home. This gives you a chance to negotiate the price. That’s because every step undertaken in a property makeover is called ‘value-add’ work – meaning it adds value to your home.

Create a marketing plan

This is more so if you intend to sell your property on your own. When you do, understand that you’ll get head to head with vendors who are using the services of a Real Estate Agent. Otherwise, you should know that your asking price should be reasonable enough. Buyers will know if your price is inflated to cover for the Real Estate Agent’s fees.

Be competitive with your presentation

Every real estate agency will support a makeover of some sort. This is, sometimes, guided by the knowledge of a Property Makeover Specialists. Strive to be always better than the competition. Pick up their best practices and own them. Set up alerts on property websites.

Understand the dynamics of pricing

There are a few takeaways here. First, you ought to avoid over and undervaluing your property. Second, you need to find out historical and current house prices in your area to get your asking price in line with what people can afford within your neighbourhood. And third, Real Estate Agent commissions are not add-ons to your asking price. Always remember that buyers are smart. They would have done their own research before they agree to have a look at your property.


It’s as close as you can get to become a minimalist. However, decluttering ought to be done on your property to get rid of personal effects. In a property makeover point of view, decluttering allows buyers to see themselves living in your property. That can’t be done if there are remnants of your life all over the place. Yes, decluttering is also a part of a property makeover specialist’s expertise.

Staying on top of the market is tough. It comes with its own unique challenges and is, sometimes, aggravated by regional trends. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing your homework. To stay competitive, you need to invest time, money, and effort. It’s much better to tell yourself that you’ve done the best you could rather than having not done anything at all.