The goal of asking questions in the context of home styling is to set the right expectations. A home styling project does not only involve financial management; it also involves a series of making informed decisions, and not to mention the emotional investment coming from you. So before you style for home to sell or to stay, go through these questions.


papillon-styling-renovations-australia-property-makeover-seaforth-one-exterior-1What is our timeline?

Property styling is a project, hence it needs to be managed at the micro level. Therefore, the timeline you ought to ask shouldn’t only be about the start and the end date. It should also be about the schedule breakdown – the specific tasks, supervising personnel, completion indicators, and and the overall structure of the project.

What protective measures will I expect on my property?

Are you renovating your home as a whole or just a part of it? What arrangements do you need to make if you’re renovating your entire property? If you’re renovating a part of it, how will the area be “isolated” from the rest of the house so you can move around?

How will you get in touch with me?

If you won’t be actively involved in the property styling project, it would be best for you to agree with Papillon Styling & Renovations about the best communication method you can use. This way, you’ll know where and how to receive and request for information. Communication is essential to the success of the project, so this point should be well-arranged before it commences.

What challenges do you foresee?

While a change order may be issued at the end of the project, it’s always better if you go through the potential things that trigger such beforehand. You will save time and money that way.

When should I be free to meet?

While the breakdown of timelines generally determine when you’re needed on-site, there will be times when additional meetings are needed. This is especially if a project is about to embark on a new milestone. Being clear about how the Papillon Styling & Renovations team can get in touch with you helps.

How do I know my decision is needed?

There are a lot of communication channels that may be utilised to let you know that a decision is pending on your end. You need to respond to these in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary delays in the timeline of the project.

After-hours communication

Yes, it seems unlikely but communication even after business hours is important especially if there are pressing concerns that needs your decision. In the same vein, you may also need to get in touch with professional property stylists outside business hours.

What post-project documentation is available?

When a project is completed, you’ll receive a documentation. Often, the contents of the documentation is specified in the project contract. When you receive it, don’t toss it aside. Read the contents because important information, especially how to take care of your home’s new materials, may be there.