Can’t everyone just see through things and love the house for what it is?

Why should I update things? I’m not even going to be here –

I don’t want to spend money when I’m leaving!


Over the years, BG Property Styling has heard all that.  A lot of home sellers are hesitant to spend money for the home that they are to leave soon anyway.

On the other hand, studies have shown that properties that had been de-cluttered, styled and staged for sale usually get a greater sale price and a quicker sale. A property’s presentation for sale is indeed one of the most important step that a seller can take.


Spend money to make money

We believe that there isn’t a single home that couldn’t benefit from expert styling.  It may simply take decluttering, de-personalising, or updating of paint and furniture to have an improved sense of space and place.  This then translates to higher perceived value.

Given that property styling increases the property’s value, the more pressing question for home sellers is:  How much does property styling cost

Please see our services and pricing for more information of standard rates. Our packages are priced to suit many situations, then of course we would look at your requirements and work out how much that would be. Whether it is a brief on-site consultation to steer clients in the right direction, a Do-it-Yourself personalised styling report, or a complete organising and styling package, BG Property Styling will help add value to your property, through our careful preparation and our styling.

Is Property Styling really worth it?

The financial gains made when a property is professionally staged far outweigh the cost of property styling. For instance, on a one-bedroom apartment in a fabulous location at Cammeray, our client spent $2,000 on us, the paint, the light fittings, a cistern, and carpet — and this investment resulted to a selling price $30,000 over and above all expectations.  Clearly, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to improve a home and make it more sellable.

Not yet sure if you need a property stylist?  We can talk about your needs and work out how we can help you by calling us on 0433 400 139.