This is the right time of the year to up your property’s cosiness. This is especially so when you intend to put your property on the market. In tradition Papillon Styling & Renovation’s efforts to help you achieve an efficient and profitable sale in what some view as the worst time of the year to sell, here are a few tips you can bank on.

Your street appeal is your call to action

We’ve always been saying it but we’ll say it again: you only have 15 seconds to create a lasting impression. That’s non-negotiable. So if you want to enthuse prospective buyers to come check your property, start on the outside. Now this doesn’t mean you have to do something super special. The rules of the game are the same: landscaping, plant investing, and exterior painting are essentials. Exterior lighting is a plus especially when you want to bring out the best impression at night – and “show off”!

Your entryway is your gateway

Create immediate appeal once your prospects enter your door. Couple that with appropriate furnishings to make them feel welcome to explore. As always, cleanliness is the key. Indications of clutter can turn prospects away so it’s imperative that you do spot-on cleaning daily, especially before inspection time.

Warm it up

Keep the warm atmosphere in your home alive by lighting the fire prior to the opens.  (Not necessarily burning while your open is on)  If you don’t have a fireplace, at least have turned on heating prior to the visit so the house is warm enough. This will lead prospects to feel the contrast of temperatures outside and inside and make it feel ‘just right’. In the psychological perspective, getting a positive response like prospects commenting about how cold the weather is outside is a sign you’re doing something right.

Showcase outdoor spaces

Yes, it may look like the back deck or verandah does not serve any purposes in winter months but they’re actually plus factors especially when you’re able to show how they can be utilised in cold months. You’ll get a lot of ideas when you work with a Property Makeover Specialist. They know what prospects are looking for in seasons like this.

Invest in spaces that appeal in winter

This time of the year is when people choose to stay inside. Thus, if you’re thinking about how specific rooms in your property can be used to your advantage, then considering the demands of the season will help. For example, turning your basement into an indoor playroom where kids can hang out will let your prospects know that they have a place to keep the little ones entertained. For adults, sprucing the furnishings in the bedrooms adding luxury and warmth appeal, adding elements that create warmth in your entertainment room can help create the impression that they won’t get bored – it can be through space, colours and layers.

Declutter and de-personalise

We can’t stress enough on this. Remember that each room in your property has a purpose. If you’ve tailored your presentation to match the season, make that purpose clear enough for your prospects to understand without asking a question. You can achieve this not only through physical transformation but also through decluttering and depersonalising.

When you declutter, you’re removing the non-essential elements in a room and leave it with the ones that create an emotional trigger for the buyers. When you de-personalise, you’re making your property about your buyers and not about you.