A well presented home helps an agent to sell a home more efficiently and more profitably.

That is undeniable. But behind every property makeover lies a tried-and-tested framework that will lead towards a more successful sale.

This framework is every Property Makeover Specialist’s mix of knowledge, methods, and principles, and is responsible for establishing a successful relationship between the Real Estate Agent, the Vendor, and the Property Makeover Specialist.

So what are the challenges that face both vendors and agents in successful property presentation?

Without prior experience of a property makeover, vendors may be confronted with a dilemma: they don’t know how and where to start. As an agent, you may not always know what to say, especially as you might not have secured the listing and don’t want to put vendors offside.  If you’re lucky, the vendor may know how a property makeover can help in terms of generating a profitable sale; they just don’t know the steps to take.

If they don’t see any value in a property makeover, this is where you can offer a quick reality check by showing examples of recent sales and how they were presented to help the vendor understand that their property is not in a competitive position to yield the desired sales results. However with some professional help from a Property Makeover Specialist, you can help your vendor to achieve a faster and more profitable sale.

But behind every property makeover lies a tried-and-tested framework that leads towards a more successful sale.

The vendor may initially consider doing their own makeover and grapple with the idea of who to seek help from. You may well have a strong property management team to draw on and the maintenance team there can be very suitable for the smaller and more maintenance focused jobs.

The real value add is in introducing a Property Makeover Specialist who knows the techniques and standards required to add value and who has a well oiled team of services and trades professionals.

Not knowing target market preferences can be another challenge for vendors. The prevailing trends of real estate in the regional and the local levels drive buyer behaviour and the factors that entice prospects to buy a property is sometimes difficult to identify.

As a specialist agent in the local area, you can help identify these trends, but when it comes to the factors relating to the actual property, a makeover specialist holds the insights necessary to make such identification and can work together with the agent and vendor to ensure they get the best bang for buck spent.

Experienced makeover specialists will quiz the agents about their expected target market, then work accordingly to present and appeal to that target market. Engaging a specialist shifts the onus and saves time for you, as the agent, to focus on the more strategic work of securing future listings and marketing property.

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