Question of the Month: How long do I need to get ready for market and when do I start?


This takes some planning and organising time with a Makeover Specialist. The length of time depends on the opportunities found! Some homes take a few weeks and some longer.

SO if you are looking for the complete ‘first impression’ and a ‘fresh set of eyes’ at your property, we can help you work out what to do and how long it takes.  We would tailor that project time together.

Realistically, for a ‘normal’ or ‘average’ home makeover, you would be looking at 8 weeks as a fair minimum. This will mean no one is working under pressure and you have the sweetness of time to be ready to make all the necessary arrangements not only the makeover and styling, but the move too!

8 – 10 weeks covers someone looking at your property at the Initial Appraisal, looking for opportunities to enhance its value and appeal (the ‘needs analysis’) – then working through the project (the project coordination).  These are things like changes of decor, space and flow all the way from the front street appeal through every room, including existing and new furniture, home presentation, and working out what features we need to work on and any cosmetic or renovation work we recommend.

Some of our clients work with us years before they want to move!  An Initial Appraisal can be however far in advance they would like it to be – some clients like to work with us early so they can enjoy the changes we make, then be prepared with their tailored ‘get ready guide’ actions to be implemented when they are ready.

Your next step: 

Working with a property stylist to get your plans established ahead of time is logical. You can even do this in as quick as 15 minutes and over the phone. BG Property Styling, for one, offers an obligation-free 15-minute phone consultation. Follow this link to know more about this free service: Free 15-minute Phone Consultation.