Are you looking to sell your home this winter? Most homeowners are discouraged to do so, but it doesn’t mean you can’t. Winter is said to be a slow time for home sales unlike spring, a time of the year where homes are most beautiful. But there are advantages on listing your homes on the market during winter.


  • Motivated Buyers are out there.

In a recent article at, it is said that “Australia’s auction scene has bounced back after two weekend of little movement due to Easter and Anzac Day as well as a string of national school holidays.”  Sydney home values grew 0.4 per cent for the week, according to RP Data, just ahead of the national capital average of 0.2 per cent.

Winter is actually a great time to sell. Generally, sales volumes are down in the colder months as a result of fewer homes for sale, but this doesn’t necessarily mean there is a smaller pool of motivated buyers.


  •  Spring means more competition.
Typically, owners tend to hold out for spring. You can take advantage of lesser competition and easily market your home to sell!
  •  Winter is the best time to showcase your home’s cosy vibe.
Raine added, “… in many cases the cooler months enable a property to show off its very best features.” Light up your fireplace and candles to give warmth, contrasting the harsh condition outside. To add up to this, use thick and fluffy fabrics, like wool or fake fur. Have a lot of pillows, blankets and fluffy carpets for that cosy effect. This welcoming feel will certainly seduce potential buyers.

Perceived Cons

  •  Uncontrollable Weather

Because of the cold, dark and unpredictable weather, marketing your home during winter would require more work. The changing weather will give your potential buyers a great deal of inconvenience. They may not have the time and energy to see your home. You will need to have a strategic schedule of your open house. This will require you to be flexible enough to make time for them.

  •  Rain is a barrier.

Winter may bring rain! Make sure to always provide safety paths for your clients. If they slip and slide on your walkways, they won’t be able to enter and see your home. You will also need to clear up the falling leaves in your area.  Make sure umbrellas are made available for your potential buyers.

  •  Your lawn is a no-show
You may have put a lot of energy to make your yard appealing during summer. However, at this time of year, your lawn could be a no-show due to more rains and less sun.  You will not be able to show off your beautiful garden to your buyers. It could in fact be the opposite, you might have a tree that has lost all its leaves, so the lawn is really doing well!  We believe winter gardens can be great with the right plant selection and fresh mulch.
  • You may not be able to get the best value.

We don’t agree with this one! We hear it all the time though.  Best value is for you at the time you need the money or the changeover in property.  How will you know if you achieved more money in winter or if you will achieve more money in spring or summer – you won’t!  Even if you think you may achieve more money in Spring or Summer, in many cases, the sale value can be measured as less important when interest payments or lifestyle costs are taken into account.  It’s the best time to sell when it is right for you, and we don’t believe that ‘waiting for the right time’ may ever actually be right!  Who knows what the market will be like in spring!  No one can predict that well!

There is no perfect answer on whether it is ideal to sell your house. Although statistics show us that the market is more active from spring onwards, you can still sell your home during the winter season. Read HERE for more tips for wintertime staging of your home for sale.