Are you an executor or beneficiary of a property and need help to get it ready for market?


Do you not know where to start?


You just don’t have the time and the contacts to get it done efficiently?


Are you unsure of what changes are needed to present well for market?


Do you not know what to do with all of the belongings?

Papillon Styling & Renovations help you realise maximum value from your property 

Talk to us about how we can help you maximise the property’s potential with our stress-free service. You will receive fully transparent and auditable documentation for your project, from the Property Makeover Summary to completion.
Your property doesn’t get a second chance to make a striking first impression.


Our specialists have added millions of dollars of increased value to hundreds of homes.  We know how to make your property shine.


We help you:





Get the stress-free value-add service you need 

Papillon Styling is your end-to-end value-add property makeover service.  We work cost effectively in a transparent manner and will ensure you get the stress-free value-add service you need.  We increase the value in the home ready for lease or sale.


Projects include everything you need from decluttering, furnishings, surfaces and colour selections, charity pick-ups, rubbish removal,  furniture removal and hire, all trades and services.