Maybe you have decluttered and organised your things because you’re moving. Now you want to earn some money to add more funds for your ‘big’ move as soon as possible. So what’s the best way to do this? Have a garage sale!

There are some good reasons why you should hold a garage sale. Firstly, of course, you can sell your things and put more funds toward your move. Secondly, your long held but no longer needed treasures that you have been keeping for a long time but not need anymore can become someone else’s treasure, meaning. So you’ll have peace of mind knowing they that these best kept things are in good hands. Thirdly, you can help the environment. Did you know that holding a garage sale can divert the goods from landfills and can even save energy and money when compared with for recycling?

So how do you plan a garage sale?

We did some research and found these useful tips to help you organise this.

  • Plan your garage sale 30 days in advance. Avoid public holidays or long weekends as people tend to go on holiday. Choose weekends for obvious reasons. Make sure there are no community events that will be on the same day of rummage sale.
  • Check with your local council for by-laws covering this type of event and if required, get permission for as well on the the sale date.
  • Invite your neighbours. They might want to partake in this event. Create flyers to distribute to each home in your neighbourhood. Also consider the non-english residents. Ask your local council or library to assist you in translating your flyer in different languages.
  • Advertise. This is the most critical stage in having a successful yard sale. You will see our guidelines below on the best places for promoting your sale.
  • On the morning of the day of the sale, put some banners, posters, balloons or anything to attract people to check out your goods on each end of the street  and busy intersections nearby. Don’t forget clean up afterwards.


For promoting your big event, consider the guidelines below:

  • The best places to distribute your flyers are the following: local shops, council, library, community and sporting groups.
  • Advertising in local papers is generally not free. However, you can pay for an ad in the classifieds section of your local and surrounding papers under a special section for Garage Sales. These adverts are generally quite successful in drawing people to garage sales from further around than locally placed flyers/posters etc.
  • There are many websites that can help you such as Gumtree, eGarage Sales, and Garage Sale Trail.


Garage Sale Checklist:

  • Choose a clear, open space in your yard to place your goods.
  • Make a list of the goods and estimate how much you want to sell for each one. It is unavoidable that buyers will be haggling so make a range of price for each item. A piece of advice, don’t display a price – it can make for some surprising, interesting conversations.
  • Make a plan on how you would arrange the items on your yard. Make your items as clean, visible and attractive as possible.
  • Prepare loose change.
  • Be bright and early on the day of the sale. Some early birds may knock on your door and its best to be prepared for them.
  • Keep your house locked during the event.
  • Smile and be approachable. Your goal is to sell as much stuff as you can so be the best salesperson that you can ever be.