papillon-styling-renovations-australia-property-makeover-cromer-one-kitchen-1FACTORS IN THE PROPERTY

Your real goal towards property presentation is buyer engagement. Think about it; you don’t present your property to immediately sell. That doesn’t readily happen because buyers go through stages before reaching a final decision. What pitfalls do you need to avoid to ensure buyer interest in your property?

Exterior colours: recognisable yet unmemorable

Do you have a red house? Or do you plan to paint your home’s exterior this colour and then put it in the market for sale? Don’t. Prospective buyers don’t inspect a home inside out, and the very first thing they’ll notice is colour before form. Paint your home’s exterior something neutral, contemporary, and popular. These colours appeal to a wider audience.

Interior colours: strong yet repellent

Do you have a deep purple wall? Or do you have kitchen cabinets with mosaic of colours? Change it, and in the same vein as your home’s exterior, settle for neutral and contemporary colours. Once buyers set foot inside your property, they’ll start figuring out whether they can live within your property’s spaces according to their taste. A brown couch against a purple wall? Think about it.

The lawn: a desert or a jungle

Your lawn doesn’t have to be either. In fact, you can turn it into an oasis – a strip of land with a neat lawn and contemporary flowers. Your keyword is “low maintenance.” Buyers are more attracted to properties with well-maintained lawns because they don’t have to bother with it during the move, especially if they don’t have such project in their hands. A lawn with no grass at all, or with overgrown bushes, spell neglect on your end.

The window: huge but dated

How come? Window treatments are motivated by personal taste. It makes matters more challenging if you like strong patterns and colours for your curtains. Remember light and contemporary. Windows are supposed to make a room shine bright, not obscured. Good: use ready-to-hang curtains with neutral colours. Better: use roller blinds. Best: keep your window as it is, and allow light to shrine through.

Decoration themes: dated or over decorated

Not everyone appreciates Victorian, Balinese, or Egyptian decoration, and not everyone is fond of Winnie the Pooh. The point is for you to stay neutral. Use modern and neutral colours and pack your collections of stuffed toys, art, and teacups. The more minimal your home is, the more it encourages potential buyers to picture themselves in every room of your home.

Your storage: spacious yet overflowing

It’s an irony of sorts; storage areas may have been integrated in your home’s architectural design, but they may look full of clutter. Buyers love the idea that they have a place for all of their stuff but not when they open your cabinets to find an assortment of personal items stuffed to the brim. It’s best to pack your stuff and to leave as much room in your storage areas as possible. It’s cleaner that way, too.

The kitchen and bath: functional but lackluster

Let’s face it: anything lustrous captures our attention. What if that something is lustrous and new? Do a kitchen and bathroom makeover before you sell. Buyers often exaggerate how costly it is to renovate a kitchen or a bathroom, and they’d probably look the other way if they see that yours is dated. Besides, that cost-effective flooring or that new counter-top translates to a higher return. Remember: lots of white space is what we want!

The bottom-line: make your property presentation-ready. Keep in mind that simplicity nowadays indicate sophistication without complexity. That’s as far as the factors pointing to your property is concerned. In our next article, let’s discuss the pitfalls associated with the factors pointing to a seller.