It is critical that we understand our clients’ challenges. We are constantly improving and tailoring our services by understanding the needs of our clients.  We completed a survey last month, and here are the results:

Culling and Packing – Deciding which items to keep, leave, throw away, give away or sell. – 33%

You need to organise a staged approach, planned over a number of weeks and with a floor plan. Ensure you leave the right amount of time aside to get it done. You can use a floor plan and mark up the areas and dates on the plan, and of course tick them off with some reward when you are done!

Deciding the right time to move – both emotionally and practically. – 30% 

This result reflects the most common concerns of our clients. My take on this is there is never really a “right time.” It is all about following your instinct, or tackling the challenge earlier rather than later. Emotionally, this is a testing time, and you can refer to our other article on change for some insight into that. Practically, well we can say this can be done with the right support around you.

Choosing a new home. – 13%

Choosing the new home can be completed with the help of a retirement living planner or buyers agent, depending on what you are after. There is a home out there that you want. It is just a matter of getting some help, finding it if that is what you want to do. There are multiple options for retirement living, over 55s living, or even building your own Granny Flat.

Organising the sale of your current home. – 10%

Organising the sale of your current home is an activity that you will usually only ever do a minimal amount of times in your life. This is a challenge that can be organised and staged to make the most amount of money possible, using the right techniques and know-how. It is something that takes precision planning and care, which we of course can help you with too.

The expenses incurred in moving. – 10% 

Yes, this all will cost some money. Of course, it will. Doing it cost- and time-effectively though will save you time and dollars! Just think about the savings you are making by doing it!

Moving to the new home. – 3%

Get a great team behind you to make sure you are taking only the things that you love and replace what you would like to replace now.


We can help you make all this happen. You can organise a 20-minute obligation-free discussion, so we may work out if we are able to work together and answer any questions you have. Don’t hesitate to email us at info@bgpropertyservices.com.au or call us on 0433 400 139.